How To Plan The Best Vacation Possible For Yourself?

“The destination that one does go to isn’t always just a place. It is something much more. It is a new way of viewing things and that is good. Henry Miller wrote this. With this said, how does one approach making their vacation something very rejuventating in description? In this final part of our traveling series, we will present some travelers and their helpful tips, and these tips will tell you how to pack and how to go about having the best vacation possible.

Enjoy A Progressive Dinner

“When I was in my twenties, I decided to go on a trip with my sister to New Orleans, and one night we decided to do something totally different for dinner. What was this different thing? It was to not commit to going to just a single restaurant to get dinner. What me and my sister decided to do was this. We went to three different restaurants together and shared a dish at each one of the three restaurants that we chose to dine at. These three restaurants were all located in the same area that I had pinpointed. The specific area had all of these three restaurants and they were all listed as being “must-try’s” for visitors to try out personally.

I also found out exactly which dishes that they did the best from the rest. There is just so much good food to experience. It doesn’t matter if you may believe that a plate of food is overrated either. Because, to be honest, in just a little while you will be trying out another scrumptious dish. I also tend to eat at the bar. By doing this, I’m able to talk and interact with the bartender, and also with local people too. It also becomes a great conversation starter by telling people what I am doing. Many do want to give me lots of ideas as well. It always ends up feeling like a real adventure. The goal of any trip is to have this feeling – Beth Shapouri.

Always Make Sure To Ask For Two Beds

Whenever me and my husband stay in a hotel, we make sure to always get double beds, and avoid getting just one king sized bed to share. It was something that I started doing not long after our daughter was born. We were caught up and right in the midst of not sleeping too well. Call it, new baby sleep depraved, so to speak. However, we did love the new parent haze, there is no doubting that. We did actually book the king-sized bed at the hotel. Nonetheless, when we showed up there, and checked in they only had rooms available with double beds in them. They did apologize a great deal for the error.

When we spent the first night in these double beds, it was truly an aha moment, and since that time we have reserved double beds for ourselves when staying at hotels. What is great about double beds is this. Two people can snuggle together in one bed and then say goodnight and goodbye to each other. Simple as that. What I do adore about having my own double bed is this. I love to stretch out in an X shape. I like my arms and legs to be perfectly free to move about and do what they want to do without encroaching upon someone else’s own personal space. Double beds are definitely what do define a true vacation and make for a happy marriage! – Nick Sebastian.

Do Something New That You Have Never Ever Done

“This year, I did something new and interesting for my 30th birthday, and it was to go to a silent retreat. The silent retreat trip was for four days. What this retreat allowed me to do was to be myself in a way that I never had been before in a long time. It also served to quiet down my restless mind as well.

I had a feeling that being totally quiet without a word for four days was going to be difficult for me to achieve. However, I really did adapt to it, even though I did have some aggravations at the beginning of my stay there. I couldn’t get my room key to work at first and was shocked when I cursed out loud. Nonetheless, overall, I was the better for doing something new and different that helped to change both me and my outlook on things. When I returned home, I was ready to face things on an even keel, and that made for good. I was able to deal with things a whole lot better too. – Hayley Nichols.

How to travel for you and have the best vacation possible?

The answer here is this. You should plan a vacation that suits you in every way personally and does make you happy in every way. No more, no less than that for sure!

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