Would You Like To Vacuum Pack Your Clothes For Travel?

If you are going on a trip that will be longer than a week in duration, you may want to figure out what to take along with you, and also decide on what will be left behind exactly. This is something that is especially true, if you only plan on taking one bag along with you, and will be worried about if you have packed enough clean socks and underpants to wear. However, put these worries aside, because it is very possible to make more packing space. How can one make more packing space? The answer is clear. You can increase your packing space up to three times more by doing this. The only two things, which you do need to achieve this, are no other than a trash bag and a vacuum cleaner.

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What is the vacuum pack hack?

The vacuum pack hack is simple.

You can get commercial grade vacuum pack seal bags from almost anywhere today. They are all over the place these days to purchase. They do look like just the right idea. However, they can cost a nice penny, and fortunately you can make your very own vacuum seal bag at home is very easy and simple to do.

What do you need to make your own at home vacuum seal bag?

First of all, you will need a vacuum, and the kind of vacuum doesn’t matter. It should only be a vacuum that does have a detachable hose to it. You will also need a garbage bag or an XXL zipper storage bag. These are the two things and that is it. Proceed next to the following steps.

Step 1: Start packing

Do make sure that either your garbage bag or zipper storage bag is totally free of any tears, rips, or holes. You should then proceed to fill up the bag about two third of the way with folded articles of clothing in it.

Step 2: Gather up the bag and begin to use the vacuum

Gather up the top part of the bag, which should be about one-third of the bag in your hands and take the vacuum hose and insert it inside the opening to the bag. Do make sure that the vacuum hose is seated right over the folded clothes. Do make sure that you do have an existing tight seal that is going on between the part where the hose meets the bag itself. If you don’t have this tight seal happening, a lot of air will escape, and the bag will not be able to compress as properly as it should do. The next thing to do is this. You should just turn on the vacuum and let it do its wonderful magic. Simple as that.

One Tip: You can help the process along by doing one thing. The thing is this. You should kneel on the bag as the vacuum is doing what it needs to do. What this will help to do is clear. It will assist in pressing out any air and will aid in compressing the clothes inside of the bag all the more.

Troubleshooting if need be: Make sure to not let the hose of the vacuum drift away from the clothes while the vacuum is running. What the clothing does for the vacuum hose is clear and that is to act like an actual filter for the air suctioning process. Should the hose be permitted to slip to the side, it can suction on to the bag, and this will stop drawing any air all together. You don’t want this to occur.

Step 3: You should twist and seal

After all of the air has been removed from the bag containing the clothing items, you should then remove the vacuum hose from the entrance to the bag, and then shut the opening with your hand. The next step is clear and that is to twist the bag securely right below your hand to seal it off before tying it closed. What you should now have before you is a bag that has been neatly sealed and is now a vacuumed packed bag of clothes that is ready for packing.


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