What Should You Know About Skateboard Wheels And Skateboard Trucks?

First of all, skateboard wheels are something which do come available in, many different sizes and hardness’s as a rule. Skateboard wheels are comprised of a special substance that is a rubber-like material called urethane. The size, as well as, the hardness of the wheels is the very thing that does affect the smoothness of said ride on the skateboard overall. It is also the thing that influences how well the skateboard does handle the ride, and the speed of the ride as well. The wheels that do belong to a skateboard do normally have a length of 52 mm to 60 mm and do have their very own ball bearings that are built into them. Street skateboard wheels are the kind of skateboard wheels that are very hard and build. Because they are this way, it does make slowing down something that is quick, and the skater can store energy as they go along skating.

Park wheels are something different in that they are constructed of a much softer urethane material and that makes for better bite and handling. The majority of modern skateboard wheels are those that are bidirectional in description. What does this mean? It means that the wheels are something that can be attached in either direction and are very unlike the wheels of a car or the back wheel that belongs to a bicycle. What this translates to is one thing and that is this. If the edges do start to wear, the wheels can be flipped, and the other side of them can be used. Skateboard wheels are something that is attached to their trucks by what is called hex head axle bolts and ABEC (or another company brand) ball bearings to give them the free spinning effect and movement of the wheels themselves.

What are the best skateboard trucks and wheelsThe answer is clear. They are the skateboard trucks and wheels that go along best with your skateboard overall. At the end of the day, all parts must come together, and also work together best.

What are Skateboard Trucks?

Skateboard Trucks are the axles that are attached to the baseplate. A lot of the skateboard trucks are constructed from aluminum alloy and are very strong in description. Skateboard trucks do come available in a multitude of various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made from cast metal and do permit the skater to freely turn the board themselves.

What are Skateboard Wheels?

Wheels are something that do far more than just keep your skateboard rolling regularly. They also do other things. What are these things? They are no other than being responsible for making sure to keep you on your feet. This is something that is especially true when you are out there tackling various different types of terrain. Wheels are something that do attach themselves to the axles of the trucks with a hex bolt. There are 8 bearings in number and two of these bearings are inserted into each wheel with a space in between them. Wheels are something that can come in a wide variety of shapes.

These wheels are usually from 50 to 55mm and do have different hardness’s about them as well. There are most skateboard wheels, such as the ones, which are mentioned above that are made out of urethane material. They also do have a hardness rating stamped on it. Examples of these kind of hardness ratings can be either 95a or 100a. They always will have the letter “a” listed right behind the number itself. The higher that the number does go. The harder that the wheel will be. Another example of this would be, if the hardness rating of 101a wheel is harder than that of the 95a, and if you plan on doing any street riding. The perfect choice for skateboard wheels would probably lean more towards the 101a as opposed to a 95a. A 95a is more designed for riding on ramps and in a skateboard park.

What is a skateboard made up of?

The answer is this. A skateboard consists of three main parts. These three parts are no other than the deck, the truck, and the wheels specifically. The deck is the flat part that is located at the top and it is mostly flat in description. It is where you do put your feet. The bolts are located at the bottom of the skateboard and are bolted to the deck. The wheels are something that is bolted on to the ends of the trucks and do contain wheel bearings so the wheels can spin freely.

What are the best skateboard trucks and wheels? The answer is clear. They are the skateboard trucks and wheels that go along best with your skateboard overall. At the end of the day, all parts must come together, and also work together best.

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